You can create documented evidence suitable for legal use with the myWitness app, and you can do all that in an incredibly easy process

1. Capture anything

Something important happening? Open myWitness and snap or record

2. We certify that

The captured photo, video or audio will be transformed into legal evidence


A cool certificate will be created for you, which contains digital signature and is recorded on our blockchain. This document will prove anything anywhere for you.

Detailed PDF document

Attested evidence suitable for use in legal proceedings*

Important metadata included

Timestamp, GPS coordinates, network information etc.

Attested document

Certified by qualified electronic signature and blockchain
* This is not a legal advice, depending on your jurisdiction you shall seek own legal assistance in your court disputes

Download and use the myWitness app for free!


Would your business benefit from such a solution? Contact us, our team of professional monkeys will be happy to integrate!

Did we prove something important for you?

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